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Our Primary goal is to transform the rental aspirations of both tenants and property owners into a reality.

RPH is a company that offers a variety of professional services to residential property owners and renters in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the neighboring cities. As a family-owned business, RPH Property Management adds a personal touch to its services, dedicated to ensuring that both renters and property owners enjoy a seamless rental experience. We provide local, full-service residential management for various property types, ranging from single-family homes to multiunit buildings, with a strong focus on catering to the unique needs of the local community.


Explore Our High-Quality Housing Options Near University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

We are proud to showcase the premier properties managed by RPH, located in the vibrant town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, near the University of Arkansas Campus. We are committed to delivering superior quality housing solutions for students, professionals, and families alike. Experience our exceptional properties by taking a virtual tour and witness why RPH Property Management stands as the top preference for renters in Fayetteville. Don't miss out on the chance to secure your spot and join our waitlist today! Click on the icon below for more information.

Andrew Henson

Real Estate Consultant


Expert Guidance for Your Project

Our RPH Consultant is a professional who provides advice, guidance, and support to homeowners who are planning to build, renovate, or remodel their residential homes or multi-family units. Our consultant can help the homeowner with various aspects of the remodeling process, helping to ensure that the project meets the homeowners goals and expectations.

Troubleshooting & Emergency Guidelines

Following the guidelines can help you stay prepared and respond effectively during an emergency.

At RPH Property Management, we understand that unexpected maintenance issues and emergencies may arise for tenants. To assist tenants in managing these situations, we have devised a set of troubleshooting and emergency guidelines that encourage tenants to address common maintenance issues on their own before reaching out to us. Our guidelines also clearly outline what situations qualify as emergency maintenance and offer instructions on what to do when our office is closed. For further details, please refer to our emergency and troubleshooting guide section.

What shoudl I Do? Troubleshooting / Emergency guidelines


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